Like humans, pets need protection from the sun too! –
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Like humans, pets need protection from the sun too!

Posted by Kim Taha on

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We as humans are known to splurge on SPF products to protect our skin from those damaging UV rays from the sun when we’re on the beach, laying out by the pool or taking our dogs for a walk. Did you know that your four-legged furbaby can be harmed too?  Cats and dogs are prone to get a sunburn, just like humans. In fact, canines and felines are susceptible to painful burns and potential skin cancer. Here are some tips to prevent your fluffy companion from getting sunburnt during those hot days of summer and year round:

  1. Find some shade. Naturally, the best way to prevent your pet from getting sunburnt is to find some shade for your buddy. This is especially true for dogs with shorter hair and/or exposed skin. It’s smart to bring an umbrella with you to the beach or pool.
  2. Get pet sunscreen! According to the safest sunscreen for dogs is one that is made specifically for dogs. If you don’t have a clue of where to find a safe product, Zany Pet Shop actually offers an all natural product for dogs: “My Dog Nose It!” a 0.5-ounce jar will last you up to four months if you use it every day on your pooch or feline friend. Besides protecting your buddy’s skin from the dangers of the sun, there are some great perks too: dries quickly, adds moisture to the skin, prevents nose color from fading, you can use on their nose, ears, and other unprotected areas and is great for all breeds and lifestyles! If you need to get your hands on some safe sunscreen for your fur-babies you can check out the product here. If you happen to come across this article, you’re in luck! Receive 15% off your purchase of sunscreen when you use the promo code: ZanySun
  3. Grab some Doggles (goggles for dogs) for your pooch! If you have ever walked outside and have been blinded by the sun you know sunglasses are very important! Have you thought about purchasing your four-legged best friend a pair of stylish Doggles? Zany Pet Shop offers various colors and styles of protective eyewear for dogs. They are extremely comfortable with a flexible rubber frame, they are shatter proof and fog proof, and it even features an extra deep lense cup which keeps the lenses away from the eyes. Check out our stylish sunglasses for dogs here.

It is always important to protect your dog’s skin from the sun year round and Zany Pet Shop has plenty of resources to help! The sun is very harmful to not only humans but to dogs too! So be safe this summer and most importantly have fun!

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