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Preparing Your Pet for Spring

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Spring is quickly approaching and it’s time to get your pets in tip-top shape for the warm weather. With beautiful warm days just around the corner, have you prepared your pet for spring? Check out our Spring Checklist to get your furry friend ready for the upcoming season. 


When the temperatures outside begin to heat up, your pets will start to shed more than usual. This is your pet losing their winter coat, even indoor-cats do this. The best plan of attack to help cut down on this shedding is to regularly brush your pet’s coat with a grooming brush. Help loosen the hair that your pet is shedding by giving them a bath and scrubbing them down. Once they’re dry, a good brushing will help to remove much of the excess fur. 

Rain Gear

April showers bring May flowers... right? Make sure that your pooch is prepared for a few rainy days this spring season with a raincoat from Zany Pet Shop. Our raincoats are made from water and windproof material which is both breathable and durable. These raincoats provide your pet with the perfect protection from wet and muddy conditions outside. 

Spring Walks

Spring is the best season to take your furry friends out on a stroll around your neighborhood, or exploring a nearby park. Zany Pet Shop has plenty of options to choose from when it comes to getting your pup ready to go outside. Choose from our multiple harnesses, providing your pet with a breathable and comfortable fit. Zany Pet Shop also offers a variety of leashes and collars so you can keep your pet safe while out for a stroll. 

The best part about all of these products is that most of them are on sale during our Spring Sale event! Save BIG with 20% off any of the various items listed on our Spring Sale page by using the promo code SPRING20! 

Treat your feline friend or furry pup to a gift from Zany Pet Shop and start shopping!

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