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Poison Prevention Awareness Month: Protect Your Pets

Posted by Kim Taha on


March is Poison Prevention Awareness Month, and it’s important to remember the most vulnerable members of your family: your pets! Protect your cats and dogs from toxins and poisons that lurk throughout everyday life. Awareness is the most important factor in ensuring your furry friends’ safety.

It’s necessary to understand what dangerous and harmful poisons exist around you. The two places to look first are your home and yard. According to Pet Poison Helpline, a significant portion of their emergency calls involve dogs ingesting human medications.

Obviously, it’s very easy to assume pet owners know to keep things such as medication out of a dog’s reach. But, it’s something that often slips through the cracks. Along with medications, human foods, insecticides, rodenticides, and even vitamins can be extremely harmful to your pets.

Let’s take this month to spread awareness and promote pet safety and poison prevention!

Most people know chocolate is bad for dogs, but did you know lilies are bad for your kittens? Studies suggest that less than 30% of cat owners are aware of the poison associated with lilies. If your cat were to ingest just one pets, leaf, or even the pollen from the flowers, they may experience kidney failure in as few as three days.

If anything is to ever happen that would risk your pet’s safety, call Pet Poison Helpline or your veterinarian for assistance immediately! It’s never a good idea to wait. Accurate and timely action are the best ways to avoid dangerous outcomes.

Throughout this month of Poison Prevention Awareness, don’t be afraid to talk with your friends and families about maintaining safety for your pets.

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