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National Best Friend Day

Posted by Kim Taha on

Friends may come and go but your fur-babies will remain your forever friend. With that being said, why not celebrate National Best Friend’s Day with your four-legged companion! National Best Friend’s Day is celebrated on June 8th of every year. This day is to celebrate those ever-lasting friendships with the ones you love -- including your fur-babies! You might find yourself noticing ways your kitty cat or puppy dog could be considered your best friend so we wanted to share with you some reasons why they might just be your number one: 

  1. You both dress alike. If you find yourself coordinating your outfits with your pooch or feline baby on a daily basis, there is no doubt both of you are BFFs! Looking for a new look? We have plenty of fun cat and dog outfits available here at Zany Pet Shop.
  2. Pets make fantastic listeners. If you find yourself always talking to your pet out loud when you come home from a long day of work and need to vent a little, you know for sure that your kitty cat or pup will always be there to listen! They even might be the only one who knows about your deepest darkest secrets, too!
  3. If your lock screen of your phone is a picture of your four-legged companion obviously you two are best friends. Who wouldn’t want an adorable picture of their pet as their lock screen?!
  4. At the end of a bad, long day, they will always provide you with laughter and comfort.
  5. You’re quick to forgive them when they make a boo-boo. After leaving a mess on the floor or ripping up your brand new couch you can’t stay mad long at your furry best friend, who could stay mad for long when looking at the most adorable faces to ever exist?
  6. Your canine or feline best friend will always miss you the most when you’re gone. They’ll look out the window as you’re leaving for the day and be in the same exact spot when you get home!
  7. You always have someone to take pictures with, even selfies!
  8. Their actions are never predictable. Your kitty or pooch probably constantly surprises you on a daily basis with their actions whether it’s sitting upright on the couch and watching a movie together or will run around the house like speedy gonzalez for no reason. 

These are only a few reasons why your pet is your best friend and your fur-babies definitely should be recognized for all that they do for you even when you do a lot for them!

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