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Playtime Is Pertinent!

Posted by Kim Taha on

As soon as we get home, we are greeted with those sweet puppy dog eyes waiting for none other than playtime! We all know our pets love playtime, but we don’t always realize how important it really is. Playtime is extremely beneficial and contributes to your pets overall health/ well-being, can help with behavioural issues, affect cognitive abilities, and is a great time to bond with their owner(s) and socialize.

All dogs need plenty of exercise and playtime is the perfect chance to get in that much-needed activity. If you’re looking for your dog to get in some cardio, fetch with DOOG Fetch Stick or playing with a Dash Dog Frisbee are a great way to do so! For building muscle, try tug-o-war with one of our Rope Toys from our huge selection or try some agility exercises. Exercising your dog regularly will help them maintain muscle and keep body fat low. And to make exercise even more fun for your pet, our Play Tunnel is the ultimate added bonus!

Studies have shown that playtime helps reduce a dog’s anxiety which in turn also reduces aggression. If your dog is used to playtime, they will occupy themselves with toys while you’re not home instead of tearing apart the house. Nobody wants to come home to torn up sofa cushions all over your home. Playing with your pet also creates boundaries and rules for them and makes your dog smarter! It helps training become easier as well. And who doesn’t want a smart and well trained dog?! Playtime also gives you a chance to further develop your bond with your dog, and gives them a chance to socialize which is essential for dogs to learn from a young age.

With all of these benefits resulting from playing with your pet, it’s important to set aside time for playtime. Your pet will surely love it and it can help them in a variety of way such as their health, behavior, cognitive abilities, and socialization and bonding. Be sure to make time to play with your pet today!

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