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A Summer Checklist for you and your Fur-Baby!

Posted by Kim Taha on

Girl sitting on beach with her pet labrador
Summer is officially here and we’re looking forward to spending our days outside at the beach, the park soaking up the sunshine and even getting in a nice walk or game of fetch! We’re also here to give you the scoop on all of the essentials you need for your pet to keep him or her clean, stylish & happy all summer long! Here is our list of the top 10 must-haves for summer 2018!
  1. Soaps- With so much time spent outside when the weather is nice, Fido will need a sudsy bath from time to time. With our Oatmeal Honey Almond Goats Milk Bar, your dogs skin will be smooth, healthy, and your pup will smell great!
  2. Harnesses- Every pup needs a stylish harness for their trips out and about outside their neighborhood. These are made from high quality materials and will keep your dog feeling comfortable and looking cute always.
  3. Frisbees- What dog doesn’t like to fetch?! We have frisbees of all shapes, sizes, and colors so you can find the perfect fit for Fido. We even have ones for puppies as well!
  4. Interactive Toys- Keep your dogs brain sharp with our interactive toys such as our Treat Puzzle Toy. This is a great way to engage your pooch and stimulate their brain. And they get a treat at the end once they solve the puzzle!
  5. Treat Bags- There’s no easier way to become your dog’s best friend than by holding their treats. The Treat Bag is the perfect training accessory and they have a lifetime warranty!
  6. Treats- Once you buy your interactive toy and/or treat bag, you will need something to put in it. Check out our Liver Log Treats! They are made with all natural ingredients, and all pups love them.
  7. Pet Candles- We all love our pets, but they can leave an odor in our houses at times. Our pet candles smell of Bay Laurel, Apple, Cinnamon, and Clove making your house smell like a fresh fall day!
  8. Fetch Toys- Our DOOG Fetch Stick will have Fido getting the exercise he needs. This recycled rubber toy comes in two different options: Woody and Uncle Chuck! This is a great interactive toy for your pup!
  9. Doggles- Every dog need Doggles! People aren’t the only ones that need protective eyewear. Doggles ILS are the 1st & ONLY protective eyewear just for dogs and your pup will look adorable in them! Your dog can wear them to the beach, when they have their head out the window, or just about anywhere.
  10. Catnip Toys- You can’t forget about Fluffy! We have a variety of Catnip Toys that will keep your cat occupied for endless amounts of time. Cats love catnip more than anything.

We are ready to have some fun this summer! Don’t forget about our great discounts, either! Use the code ZANYFUN for 15% off purchases of $14 or more and ZANYTREATS for 15% off all treats (no minimum purchase). We hope our top 10 summer must-haves helps you prepare for a great few months ahead. Time to shop!

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