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Pet-Preparing Your Yard for Spring!

Posted by Kim Taha on

Spring has finally sprung! Warmer weather is finally here which means your fur-babies are ready to explore the wonderful outdoors. When spring arrives, spring cleaning is a must, but preparing your yard for your canine or feline children is very important to keep your pets safe while exploring your front or back yard. The team here at Zany Pet Shop is here to give you some tips and tricks on how to prepare your yard for your fur-babies’ adventures:

  1. Inspecting your yard for other visitors. Not only do your furry children want to explore the outdoors but wild animals might want to as well. Make sure to inspect your yard for any rodents, snakes or any other animals that might be intruding. You don’t want your pets to encounter anything that could harm them!
  2. Checking your deck for splinters. After a cold and brutal winter and some rain in between, you might want to check your deck for splintering wood. The last thing you want is your pooch or kitty to have a piece of wood inserted into their paw causing extreme pain. Just make sure to double check your deck for any random pieces of splintering wood that might be sticking out!
  3. Filling holes. Over the winter months, you might not have noticed your pooch digging holes you were unaware of. Be sure to inspect your yard for holes and fill if any appear. You don’t want your cat or dog spraining an ankle because of a simple hole in the yard!
  4. Mowing the lawn. No one likes doing it, but it must be done. Mowing the lawn can be a task within itself but just remember this will make your pups and cats very happy!  While us humans love our lawns for their looks, our fur-babies enjoy them as a place to run, play, roll around and do their business. So be sure to keep your lawn in tip-top shape so your pets can enjoy it!
  5. Wait as Directed. If you want to put any type of pesticides or fertilizers on your garden and/or lawn make sure to read the directions carefully to see how long you will have to wait until your fur-babies can visit the outdoors again. There are tons of toxic chemicals used in those type of products to save a trip to the emergency room and follow directions carefully.
  6. Inspecting your fence. The last thing you want is to put up lost-dog flyers this spring. If you have a fenced in yard, be sure to inspect your fence for any broken pieces or holes that your feline and canine children could escape through. If you do find any holes in your fence make sure to put enough materials in front to block it off or simply get it repaired, it’s in the best interest for you and your fur-babies.

Now that you have prepared your yard for your pets, sit back, relax, and enjoy the sunshine with your favorite furry animals! A play date with your fur-babies is always the answer for a warm sunny day.

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