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Outdoor Activities for You and Your Pet

Posted by Kim Taha on

Happy March everyone! Spring is right around the corner which means warmer weather is approaching! If you’ve been getting tired of looking at the walls of your home, what better way to spend the warmer days of spring than with your fur-baby?! Your four-legged companion is probably as excited as you are to get outside and be active. There are plenty of ways and reasons to spend time with your pet in the outdoors. If you need help finding new ways to stay active, Zany Pet Shop is here to help you!

  1. Biking. There’s no doubt that dogs love to run and many dogs love to tag along with their owners on their bike ride. This is the perfect activity for you as an owner to get your exercise as well as your pup’s.
  2. Camping. There’s no better time to go camping than during the Spring. If you need someone to keep you company during your camping trip than your furry child. You can take your dog camping by purchasing a crate or lightweight tents for travel. Zany Pet Shop has many crate options found here.
  3. Swimming. This outdoor activity is great for dogs because it is low impact, especially if you own an older or arthritic pup. Swimming works many muscles at the same time, if you’ve ever tried to swim laps in a swimming pool, you know exactly what we mean! We recommend letting your dog swim in a swimming pool as the ocean is a much more dangerous place filled with jelly fish, rip tides and possible sharks. Don’t worry though, chlorine is not harmful to your pooch, just make sure to bathe them afterwards! Zany Pet Shop offers great organic grooming supplies which are found here.
  4. Fetching. What dog doesn’t love to play fetch? This classic outdoor activity is great for your fur-baby because not only is it a great form of exercise but it’s a fun game! There are plenty of benefits of playing fetch with your pooch: it’s a great form of exercise, it strengthens the bond between you, and it gets your pooch in routine of returning to you. If you are looking for new fetch toys for your pooch, Zany Pet Shop offers a wide selection which can be found here.
  5. Walking. The classic walk is something that can not only benefit your dog, but you get your exercise too! Dogs get excited for walks because it’s like an adventure for them being able to sniff the smells and interact with other dogs and humans. If you are looking to buy a new leash for your pup Zany Pet Shop offers plenty of stylish collars and leashes found here.

No matter what outdoor activity you participate in with your pet, just remember staying active is really important for you and your pet’s health. This will keep you fur-baby happy, healthy, and out of trouble! Getting active will also drain their energy for when it comes time to go to sleep. No more waking up in the middle of the night!

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