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Benefits of Coconut Products for your Cats & Dogs

Posted by Kim Taha on

We are officially reaching the warmer spring and summer months. Are you as excited as we are?! That being said, it’s time to start preparing your kitty cats and puppy dogs for the summer sun. We all know that using coconut products provides us with plenty of health benefits like nutrition and stronger skin and hair. Have you ever thought of using coconut products for your furbabies?!

Zany Pet Shop always believes in the quality of our products. We strive to stock eco friendly, USA made products wherever possible. If you’re looking for all natural and organic products for your four-legged companion have you thought about using coconut products? Here are some benefits of coconut products for your feline and canine children!

Coco Therapy Coconut Oil is purr-fect for your feline and canine family members. The list is endless when it comes to uses for coconut oil: cooking, baking, first aid, and even beauty. This Coco Therapy product is 100% pure and natural for you and your four-legged companions. There are plenty of reasons why you should try this product:

  • Helps ward off fleas
  • Helps with dry skin
  • Helps with nutritional health

Find out why you should start using this product for your fur-babies by clicking here.

CocoTherapy Hairball Plus is made with one ingredient and one ingredient only: high fiber     organic coconut. If you’ve even been woken up in the middle of the night by your kitty-cat hacking up a furball (any cat owner has been there at least once), the CocoTherapy Hairball Plus is the purr-fect product for your feline best friend. This product can benefit your cat in many ways including passing fur balls more easily but adding more moisture to their stool, supports healthy skin and coat which means less shedding, and even supports the digestive health and gastrointestinal tract function. For more information of this product, click here.

Coconut products are very diverse with their uses. Have you ever thought about purchasing coconut treats for your furry children? Zany Pet Shop offers plenty of yummy coconut based treats not only your pets enjoy but itthey can better their health too! From Coconut Chips for dogs and cats, to coconut flake dog treats, your furbabies are bound to find something they love! Our coconut chips provide a rich source of dietary fiber, supports digestive and intestinal health and supports healthy weight management. Our all natural organic Coconut Flakes can be sprinkled on top of your pooches food or can be fed in between meals for a healthy treat!

Don’t neglect your furbabies by purchasing any regular treatment from a chain store. Think about helping your dog or cat become the healthiest it’s ever been with pet friendly coconut products! For more information on coconut products for your four-legged family members, check out our online store!

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