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National Walk Your Pet Month

Posted by Kim Taha on

Happy New Year Everyone! The Zany Pet Shop family wishes you a happy and healthy 2017, and if you already read our “New Year Resolutions for your Pets Post”, this month will compliment your New Year Resolutions since January is National Walk Your Pet month!

As any dog (or cat) owner knows, it’s only natural to take them for a morning or evening stroll, but you might be putting their walks on hold due to the cold winter months. Don’t let that stop you for taking your four-legged child for a great source of exercise and let them adventure out in the outside world of all the smells and sights they might get to explore. Not only is walking your pet beneficial for your fur-baby, but it’s beneficial for you too! Here are four benefits of walking your furry children!

  1. Weight control & Exercise. The most obvious benefit of walking your pet is exercise and weight control. Walking your pooch or kitty-cat helps maintain their weight and yours, keeping off those unwanted pounds! This also gives your four-legged companion a way to stay healthy and active, because tossing the ball in your living room for a few minutes will not do the trick (pun definitely intended).
  2. Mental Health. Not only will walking your pet increase their physical activity but it will make them much happier by being able to explore and investigate the outside world. Walking your canine or feline child(ren) will provide them with a mental health boost by covering fresh ground, and exploring new sights, smells and sounds giving them a much more exciting life.
  3. Taking the time out of your day to walk your pet gives them a sense of closeness and trust between them and their owner. It also gives them a boost of confidence by exposing them to other animals and humans alike—this will also improve their social skills making it easier to introduce them to other members of your family and their pets.
  4. Reduces Hyperactivity. Do you ever find yourself being awakened by your dog or cat roughhousing in the middle of the night? While you work a full time job and get home in the evening, your fur-baby is FULL of energy, so what better way to wind them down than taking them for an evening stroll? Although January is a cold winter month for most states, Zany Pet Shop offers jackets and coats for your pet to keep them warm and snuggly! You can visit Zany Pet Shop for adorable, warm clothes for your pet, and why not pair it with a fashionable leash?

Don’t neglect your canine or feline child by not walking them. Let’s appreciate our furry bundles of joy by being more active and letting them explore the outside world, would you want to be cooped up in a house every day of your life? Go out and give your four-legged companion a life they deserve. Happy walking!

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