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How to Protect your Dog from the Summer Heat

Posted by AJ Hauser on

Dog running in water on the beach

Outdoor concerts, backyard barbecues, and vacations at the beach… Everyone loves the summertime! But as much as your pup may love swimming in the water or playing fetch in the wide open field downtown, it’s very important to be sure they don’t overheat. As the summer season continues, temperatures keep rising and you and your furry friend need to stay cool!

There are lots of ways to be sure your pets don’t get too hot--some very obvious--but a friendly reminder is always good! Here are a few tips on how to keep your dog cool throughout these warm summer months.

Be the Watchdog

When you’re drenched in sweat and feeling dehydrated, chances are, your dog is too! Imagine being outside in the blazing sun and heavy humidity with a layer of fur! Keep an eye on their behaviors and be on the lookout for warning signs that your puppy is too hot. If they are panting heavily, have a faster heart rate than normal, and a thick drool, it is probably a good idea to take them indoors. If you don’t take precautions fast enough, your dog may have symptoms of vomiting or diarrhea--and no one wants that!

Be Cautious of Walks

It’s important to get your dog out for a few good walks each day. But keep in mind the time of day you’re taking him/her outside! Early in the morning and later in the evening are prime times to go for longer walks so you’re still getting that exercise in, but not outside during the hottest parts of the day.

Maintain Grooming

Brush your dog’s coat a little extra throughout the summer months. There’s no need to have them carrying along all that excess fur. Schedule an appointment with your groomer, and get their coat shaved a little shorter than usual! Just make sure to keep it long enough to protect their skin from the sun.

Indoors Are Fun, Too

It’s tempting to try and spend that beautiful sunny Saturday outdoors with your furry companion, but it’s not always best for them. Taking them inside to cool off throughout the day will make for a happy and healthy puppy!

Water Is Your Friend

Whether it be sprinklers, a garden hose, your backyard pool or a simple bowl of water, H2O will help your dog stay hydrated.  If you are giving them a water bowl outdoors, make sure it isn’t metal (it could burn them!) and make sure you replace it every so often (it will get hot sitting out in the sun too long).

Parked Cars Are Not Your Friend

All of us love bringing our little (or big) companions wherever we go! But on hot summer days, that isn’t always the best idea. If you’re thinking to yourself, “I’ll only be 5 or 10 minutes, they will be okay if I crack the windows!” think again. Your parked car can heat up by 10-20 degrees in those few short minutes. Just simply don’t do it! Leave your pup at home in the air conditioning, and give them a treat upon your return home for patiently waiting for you!

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