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Your Pup’s Autumn Essentials

Posted by Kim Taha on

   Dog laying in a pile of leaves in a park

It’s time to rake your leaves, put on a sweater, and inhale the scent of pumpkin spice everywhere you go! That’s right, it’s finally Autumn, and we couldn’t be more excited. No more breaking a sweat while taking your pup on a long walk through the neighborhood!

But as excited as we are for this cool, refreshing Fall weather, we want to make sure your pup is prepared with all of their Fall Essentials.

Bundle Up!

As the temperatures get cooler, it’s important to keep your furry friends warm. (But not too warm, there’s no snow just yet!) Our Kurgo Dog Jacket is comfortable, stylish and is available in various colors! It’s waterproof and perfect for taking your pup on adventures through the woods or marshes! Made out of environmentally friendly materials, this Allagash Jacket is a perfect fit.

Dog Flea & Tick Preventives/Treatments

Fall is not an excuse to lighten up on your pet’s treatment! Ticks and Fleas are around all year long. In case your poor pup does end up with a tick, we have a handy-dandy Tick Twister! From Wood ticks to Deer ticks to Lone star ticks... there are all types found throughout the United States, waiting to latch on to your animals. Our tool is a smart, safe way to remove the ticks (and works for people, too!)

Advanced Formula Soap

You want your furbaby to be as comfortable as possible. No one wants dry, itchy skin! If you notice your pet scratching, biting, licking or chewing, they may need treatment for their irritated, itchy skin! Our Bed & Bath Itch Relief Goat Milk Soap comes in a 6oz bar and is the perfect way to bring comfort and relief to your pup. Goat's Milk contains unique fatty acids that naturally removes dead skin and renews cell growth while washing.

Treat Your Pup This Fall!

Alright, this may not be an “essential” but… the change in season is a perfect excuse to load up on new treats for your puppy to enjoy! From Acorn Squash Slices to Wet Noses Beef Jerky, it’s always a nice surprise when you spoil your furry friend with something new!

Take advantage of the change from Summer to Autumn to make sure your pup is comfy and content! 

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