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Valentine's Day with your Pets: Zany Pet Shop Style

Posted by Kim Taha on

dog with rose in mouth for valentine's day

Love is in the air, and your fur-babies can sense it! What better Valentine to have than your favorite sidekick, best friend, and four-legged companion? There is truly unconditional love between an owner and their pet… so why not spoil them on this heart-filled holiday?! 

Obviously, steer clear of chocolate and wine, although those are typically your go-to Valentine’s Day gifts… We have some fun featured products that are the perfect present for your cat or dog on February 14th! 

Zany Pet Shop Gifts for Your Pet

Hero Frisbees

Every dog loves a good game of frisbee. Choose from the Dog Disc Hero Air 235, Dog Disc Super Hero 235, or Puppy Disc Hero Pup 120 Mini. Each are designed in unique ways to take your typical games of frisbee to a whole new level. 

Natural Rubber Beco Bone

Of course, a go-to gift on Valentine’s Day, or any holiday, is a bone for your dog. This Beco Bone is the perfect present for your pup to enjoy. Made with natural rubber and rice husk, this tough and bouncy bone has a vanilla scent, is toxic free, and comes in 3 different colors and sizes. 

Beco Cat Wands

Whether it’s Beatrice the Butterfly or Frankie the Frog, Beco cat wands are great interactive toys for cat to play with. These fun little wands will provide you with hours of entertainment--a great way to spoil your kitten! 

Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Your Furry Friends

Eat a candlelight dinner, watch a romantic comedy, snuggle on the couch, and maybe even take a bubble bath! There are so many ways to celebrate with your four-legged friend. 

Have a Play-Date

We know you want to keep all of the puppy- or kitten-love to yourself, but having a play-date with your friends and their pets will be entertaining for you both.

Have a “Professional” Photoshoot

Grab your high-tech camera (or smartphone!) and take your dog to the nearest park, beach, or scenic spot nearby. Dress them up, or just let them run wild and free as you snap some shots to hang on the wall. Take your kitten outside, or get a few short videos of them playing with their favorite toy. 

Then, share all the cuteness on social media! (You can even tag us on Facebook so we can all share the love: @zanypetshop) 

However you are planning to spend this Valentine’s Day, be sure your furry companion is included. Give them lots of love and attention, surprise them with a new chew toy or accessory, and make this holiday of love the best one yet!

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