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Happy National Mutt Day!

Posted by Kim Taha on

If you are a proud owner of a mixed breed four-legged companion, then Happy National Mutt Day to you and your pooch! On December 2nd of every year, National Mutt Day is celebrated across the United States. National Mutt Day also known as Mixed Breed Dog Day embraces and celebrates the lives of mixed breed dogs. This day was created to raise awareness of the conditions mixed breeds live in when put in shelters or humane societies. This encourages people to contact their local shelter and adopt a mixed breed dog.  

According to nationalmuttday.com 80% of dogs in shelters are mixed breeds. Usually, if pure breeds are put in shelters, they are the first to find a home and become adopted; mixed breeds on the other hand wait a little while longer for a new home. National Mutt Day aims to educate and raise awareness of the mixed breed dogs that patiently wait for a new home every day.

Mixed breeds usually have fun and upbeat personalities which can match with any human. They are unique giving you a wide selection to choose from if you are looking to adopt. Some common examples of mixed breed dogs are Puggles, Cockapoos, Labradoodles and Maltipoos. These are just a few examples; there are over 50 different mixed breed dogs all across the United States.  Not only are mixed breeds more flexible, giving them the ability to adjust to new atmospheres and they are considered equally as capable of being trained as a service dog than a pure bred making them equally as awesome.

Most times, people put a stigma on mixed breeds because usually people want a pure bred dog. Mutts deserve a home just as much as the next canine. So don’t discriminate and go on down to your local shelter or humane society and adopt a mixed breed dog to give them a happy and healthy life that they deserve.

For more information contact your local shelter or visit nationalmuttday.com


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