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A Gift Guide for your Pets!

Posted by Kim Taha on

It’s the most wonderful time of year! Colder weather, leaves are falling off of trees, and tons of holiday shopping is at the top of your to-do list. It is pretty common for someone to forget about their feline and canine children during the holiday season. Your pooch might have eaten all of the leftover dinner out of the trash and your kitty may have ripped up the entire couch, but they still deserve some gifts from Santa! Zany Pet Shop offers plenty of unique toys, leashes, jackets, collars, and treats for cats and dogs that your four-legged companion will love this holiday season. If you can’t think of anything to purchase for your pets, don’t fret! Here is the purr-fect gift guide for your zany cats and dogs.

  1. Collars

Zany Pet Shop offers a variety of differently designed collars for cats and dogs. If you want your four-legged child to look as good as you do, of course you should buy them a fashionable collar that sits comfortably around their neck. Not only are all of the collars trendy, unique, and come in a variety of different designs, but they are made with high quality materials and fabrics which makes them last longer, not to mention they are 100% ecofriendly! These collars come in a variety of styles with different prints and designs that will make your furry kids the cutest animals on the block.  

  1. Leashes

Of course you need a leash to match the collar you got for your pooch or kitty-cat. Zany offers many leashes to choose from including braided leather leashes with 11 different dual-colors, reflective leashes for when you are walking your pets at night, and organic cotton leashes with plenty of different designs and colors fit for any fur-baby. These cat and dog leashes are a superb gift idea for your furry friends this holiday season.

  1. Toys

What child doesn’t like receiving toys for the holidays? Obviously you could shop around your local pet store and purchase your average squeaker toy or catnip filled mouse. But you don’t want to do that. Your fluff ball probably wants something new and fun they can spend hours playing with.

 Zany Pet Shop sells a variety of cat and dogs toys to entertain and engage your four-legged family member. Cats LOVE to hunt, so for your little fur ball there are interactive toys such as the Peek-and Play Toy Box that allows your cat to practice their predatory skills which will boost their self-esteem as well as give them an opportunity to play by themselves while you are not home.

And for your pups— you can’t go wrong with the variety of fun hand-made squeaky plush toys offered at Zany Pet Shop. They come in a variety of different styles including, emojis, monsters, and even sea animals. All toys are eco-friendly and are 100% washer and dryer free so they stay good as new.

  1. Jackets/Sweaters

What better gift to give to your fur-baby then a cozy and fashionable jacket for your dog—perfect for the winter months. Not only are they comfortable and trendy but they come in a variety of styles giving you many options to choose from.

For the cold and snowy days, the Bouncle Jacket is perfect to keep your pooch warm and snuggly when taking them for walks. It comes in a green and navy or red and black plaid design giving your dog a new and improved sophisticated look for the season, perfect for your holiday pictures! 

When it’s raining cats and dogs (pun definitely intended) you want to keep your four-legged companion dry during the rainy days. The Fabdog Raincoat is an excellent gift to give your tail-wagger this season. This raincoat for dogs is 100% waterproof and it comes with many features that will make your walk in the park easy, convenient, and enjoyable. This doggy-raincoat is available in four different colors and even comes with a hood which will keep your dog dry and comfortable during their morning walk. And if it’s too cold out for JUST a raincoat, purchase a lightweight fleece stretchy jacket to layer underneath to keep them warm and dry for the gloomy and rainy days. 

Don’t forget your four-legged children are people too and deserve to open some gifts this holiday season. Zany Pet Shop offers so much more than just collars, leashes and toys. Head over to the online Zany Pet Shop to get fun, crazy, whacky and even zany gifts for your cats and dogs this holiday season.


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