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Welcome to Charlie's Corner!

Posted by Kim Taha on

Hello everyone!!  Thank you for stopping by!  I hope you enjoy reading my blog.  

To begin with, I thought it was important to understand why my blog is named Charlie's Corner.

I decided to dedicate my blog to my beloved Charlie, who traveled to The Rainbow Bridge on 11/16/15.  He was with our family for almost 14 years.  Early on, he became a Search & Rescue dog.  Charlie loved his job.  He was well mannered and smart, earning his AKC Good Canine Citizen award as testimony.  Charlie not only loved his family dearly, he loved everyone and everyone loved him.  Thats why I decided to name my blog in his memory.  He would enjoy knowing that you came to visit! So I hope you come back to visit us!  Good day for now!

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