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2017 Halloween Costume Ideas for your Pets!

Posted by Kim Taha on

Halloween is right around the corner, and we can’t wait for this spooky, spectacular day! The decorations, candy, and especially the costumes are always something to look forward to! Are you considering dressing up your dog or cat this year? If so here are some ideas to help get your wheels turning:

  1. Pajamas: Is your pet ready to snooze the night away or ready for a PJ Party?! Nothing is cuter than a pet in their PJ’s! Under our apparel section, we offer a variety of selections including green plaid flannel, hot pink poplin, leopard flannel, or red poplin pajamas! Be sure to check it out here!
  2. Bikers: If you need couples costumes for your dogs, look no further! Take a look at our Harness Biker Black Vest and Harness Biker Black Dress which is available in red plaid or in black). Your pets are sure to look tough, but more importantly they’ll make the perfect dynamic duo!
  3. Princess: Check out our Spring Dress Harness, it’s sure to make your pet look sweet! Available in different colors and prints! Add some accessories and your dog will transform into a pretty princess in no time!
  4. Construction Worker: We have an Orange Reflective Cooling Vest that would work perfectly for this costume. Just add a hardhat and you’ll be good to go! Be sure not to hold up traffic too long though!
  5. Fancy: If you’re just looking for your pup to have a sophisticated and elegant look you’ll want to look at our fantastic bow tie options! From classic black, to camo, to polka dots, there’s the perfect look for each pooch!
  6. Little Red: Off to grandmother’s house? Your pet will look stunning dressed up as little red riding hood! Check out our red harnesses and collars, perfect to help get your look started!
  7. Lumberjack: Your pet can look like a handsome little lumberjack with our Boucle Jacket in either red/black or green/navy! Added bonus, it’ll keep your pet warm too!
  8. Superdog: Of course your pup is a superhero, may as well dress he or she as one! They’ll be off to save the world in no time!
  9. Fairy: This costume is guaranteed to have your pet looking magical. Grab a magic wand and work up a tutu and some wings and you’re all set!  
  10. Pumpkin: What can we say, it’s a classic! Your furry friend will surely be in the Halloween spirit with this costume!

We hope that we were able to help you brainstorm some ideas of costumes for your pets this Halloween. Whether you are buying a costume or making one yourself, your pets will surely look fantastic either way. Be sure to have a safe, spooky and fun time during the 2017 Halloween Season.

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