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Zen Clipper Pet Nail Trimmer - #4

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Zen Clipper Size #4 For small dogs.

Clips the Tip and Not the Quick

All nails are slightly different, although most are similar in size and shape on a given pet. The first time you use Zen Clipper, observe that the quick of the nail, the red part that has the blood supply, won't be cut by the blade. After a few trial uses you can now use the Zen Clipper time and again assured that it “Clips the Tip and Not the Quick”.

Not sure what size Zen Clipper you need? We have a sizing card with holes the size of each Zen Clipper!

Download the Sizing Card
Simply place the holes in the card over the smallest claw on your pet and you'll quickly determine which Zen Clipper will Clip The Tip, Not The Quick!

Use the Contact Us form and we will mail you the card.


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