Bed & Bath Puppy Goats Milk Soap for Dogs - 6oz Bar –
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Bed & Bath Puppy Goats Milk Soap for Dogs - 6oz Bar

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Hand Crafted and gentle enough to use everyday, our Oatmeal Honey Almond Soap contains Maryland Honey and Organic Steel Cut Oats.    

It's time to help rejuvenate your dogs skin with our unique blend of goats milk and honey.  Keep their skin and coat looking healthy and smooth.  

* Made in the U.S.A - small batches made locally

* Goat's Milk contains unique fatty acids that naturally removes dead skin and renews cell growth while washing

* No Animal Testing

* Organic Herbs & Essential Oils

* No cheap fats from rendering plants and restaurants

For maximum lather and exfoliation - try our amazing SOAP NETS.  Nets are not included but may be purchased online.  

Do not use on puppies under 10 weeks of age or dogs that are pregnant or nursing.  

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