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Baldini Sack - Valerian Root Cat Toy - Two Sacks per package

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Two Sacks per package

Size (each): 4" x 2.75" x .5"

Europe's hottest selling cat toys are finally available in North America!

These soft valerian toys earn 4 & 5-star reviews wherever they're sold throughout Europe. 

Cats can't resist the strong smell of valerian and it makes them want to nuzzle and play.

Handcrafted in Germany by the Aumueller-Korbwaren family, they feature Bavarian-grown ingredients such as valerian, lavender, and anise. Natural spelt filling gives the toys shape and assures long-lasting quality and fun.
Available in assorted toys, sacks, cushions and full cat-sized pillows!

Product Specifications:

Two Sacks per package

  • Bavarian-grown valerian root encourages cats to play! 
  • Natural spelt filling gives them shape and ensures long-lasting fun
  • Outer Material meets Oko-Tex 100 Safety Standards.
  • Size (each): 4" x 2.75" x .5"

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