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Wander Clip

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The Kurgo Wander Clip is the easiest way to move your dog’s tags from collar to collar. The clip is spring loaded to easily attach to any D-ring and the bottom is solid to hold your tags securely in place. Now you can move from a waterproof collar at the lake to a hiking harness on the trail without having to fumble with key rings or worry about your dog being without their identification.
  • Quickly switch tags from collar-to-collar
  • Great for harnesses and packs too
  • Sturdy steel construction
  • Designed to prevent accidental openings
  • Top hooks onto any D-ring, solid bottom ring holds tags
  • Slim 29mm x 16mm profile doesn’t add bulk or weight to neck
  • Holds up to 45lbs. securely then breaks away to prevent choking
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