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Bluetooth Mouse Hunter Interactive Techno Toy

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If you always thought that your pet cat has become too domesticated and losing its natural instincts then here is the right toy to wipe out your worries. The Mouse Hunter Bluetooth Techno Toy is the perfect interactive cat toy to bring forth the preying instinct of your cat and also give the daily exercise that any pet needs.

Mouse Hunter is a battery operated motorized toy that enables to stoke your cat’s curiosity and make the pet chase the artificial mouse. The dual play movement of the mouse which comes out of the burrow and quickly dives into the burrow will make the cat excited. There is a single switch which can be operated to choose between Standard mode and Bluetooth mode. The preset tracks and the almost natural movement of the mouse creates an illusion of the mouse darting out of the burrow and back into it which is what every cat is on the lookout for as a natural hunter. The felt covering on the top enables the cat to plunge its claws at the moving mouse yet not get hurt in any manner.
Mouse Hunter is a Bluetooth enabled technology aided interactive cat toy, which means you can choose to play a variety of sounds and music that will stimulate your pet into action from your mobile phone, tablet or any Bluetooth enabled devices. When you play the sound or song the toy starts and when you pause the toy stops only to restart once you play the sound or song.

The toy is made of high grade and tough ABS plastic for pet safe usage. The Mouse Hunter operates on 3 AA batteries and gives hours of exciting play for your pet cat while keeping you entertained.

Mouse Hunter Interactive Bluetooth Techno Toy has been manufactured by Iconic Pet, creator of high-quality products.

Uniquely designed ABS plastic toy
Mouse automatically comes up and then dives in
Mimics natural prey with 2 play action
Top scratching spot for working the claws
Works on 3 AA batteries (not included)
Bluetooth enabled technology aided toy
High safety with CE & RoHS certification

*Colors may differ slightly.

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