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Natural Shed Elk Antlers

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Each package contains one medium sized elk antler.

Our elk antler line is a long lasting chew treat for dogs that is strong and resists splintering and cracking. We only use high quality natural shed elk antler from the USA that is not weathered and cracked. Using fresh shed antler helps to keep the antler chew from becoming brittle under strong jaws. We try to make our antlers into unique shapes that your dogs will enjoy chewing on and help to keep them occupied and help to keep their teeth clean. Although not all dogs will chew on antlers...most find them irresistible and others will slowly warm up to them. If your dog enjoys antler chews then our quality Natural Shed Elk Antler Chews will give them a long lasting chew that you can trust!

You will feel good about giving your dog a high quality U.S. product and your dog will appreciate the difference....naturally!!

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