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Mouse Rush Interactive Toy

Regular price $ 24.99
It is always good to have a pet around, but keeping the pet happy and healthy is our responsibility. Using innovative and interactive toys to keep your pet cat active is one way of making it healthy and happy. The MOUSE RUSH interactive cat toy enhances your cat’s instinct, fitness and concentration in a subtle and entertaining manner.

MOUSE RUSH Interactive Cat Toy consists of an Eco-Friendly ABS plastic round casing with a felt top and vents at the sides. It is a battery operated motorised interactive cat toy which has an artificial mouse inside it. The mouse speeds around and then stops like a natural mouse, again speeding off automatically. This movement of the mouse gets the attention of the cat who tries to paw it and get it out of the casing. The cat moves all around the round case and even uses the felt on top to scratch to keep their nails in good condition. The activity can go on for hours together and give good exercise and energy to the cat.
The interactive cat toy is designed to look good when placed anywhere in the house. The Mouse Rush Interactive Toy has a rotating system which helps to move the mouse around in regular speed-stop motion. The toy works on 2 AA batteries and provides lasting pass time for the pet cat.

Mouse Rush Interactive Toy has been manufactured by Iconic Pet, creator of high-quality products.
  • An Eco-friendly sturdy ABS plastic toy 
  • Interactive and interesting cat toy 
  • Auto variable speed fleeing mouse 
  • Scratching pad on top 
  • Single On-Off switch 
  • Safe toy with CE and RoHS certification 
  • Works on 2 AA batteries (not included) 
Colors may differ slightly.
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