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Furry-Go-Round Cat Toy

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A domesticated cat no longer needs to hunt, but the instinct and drive for such behavior is still present. By encouraging your kitten or cat to play regularly with interactive toys will keep them emotionally and physically healthy. Furry Go Round's unique design causes it to rotate 360 degrees which satisfies your pet's natural instincts, such as stalking and hunting. Furry Go Round is made to be long lasting and with natural wood. Remember to rotate the toy to keep them excited and active. Like all cat toys, adult supervision is necessary for the toy. Inspect product regularly for any cracks or broken pieces, discard toy if damaged.

Size: 9.8"(L) x 9.8"(W)x 4.1"(H)

  • A great Interactive Toy for your Cat
  • Satisfies their natural hunting instinct
  • Long lasting, sturdy, and a natural wooden toy
  • Adult Supervision is necessary for the game
  • Inedible - Do not let your pet chew on the toy
  • Use only water to clean the toy
  • Clean the toy with a damp cloth
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